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you may call me deadly nightshade

"professor and plant researcher henry g. walters speculated in 1915 about the potential for crossbreeding carnivorous and poisonous plants. he believed that if a poisonous plant had the 'semimuscular system possessed by the carnivorous plants, it would be more dangerous than the cholera.' dr. walters declared that plants were capable of love and that they had memories, implying that they might also hold a grudge as lovers do. the deadly nightshade, he believed, was filled with hatred."
- wicked plants, amy stewart

"every family has a black sheep, and in most, the black sheep isn't really black but gray. in the plant world, however, the solanaceae family - that nice one that gave us those delicious tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and peppers - has a whole flock of black sheep. there's henbane, jimsonweed, and european mandrake. the blackest of these blackguards is deadly nightshade."

"don't even consider growing this deadly plant in your garden."
- rodale's illustrated encyclopedia of herbs

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